Our search for the perfect, post-surf beer


At Boardmasters, we live for days at the beach: long afternoons in the sunshine, hours in the water, sunsets shared with good friends and good tunes - and that first, cold beer after a session, when you’ve really earned it. At the end of one such summer’s day, we set our hearts on making a beer that lived up to that epic moment. 

So we approached our friends at Harbour Brewery to see if they were up for the challenge of creating the perfect post-surf beer. As fellow surfers we knew they’d understand what we were trying to do. After a few tasting sessions at Harbour’s Bodmin Brewery and road testing at the beach, we hit on it: the perfect, thirst-quenching brew; a liquid celebration of summer sunsets and days at the beach.

Our post-surf session IPA was born. Soul Arch; named after the stylish turn pioneered in the 70s at the Californian breaks of Malibu and Rincon but made famous by the ‘76 world champion Peter Townend. A classic and effortlessly elegant manoeuvre, that’s almost as smooth as the beer itself.